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Latest Information about the Global Ecomomy Prize 2015

Sadly, we received notice that one of the five laureates, Michail Gorbachev, will not be able to travel to Kiel to receive the prize personally. With greatest regrets, he informed us that his medical team advised him to cancel all travels abroad which had been scheduled for June. We deeply regret this. We will remain in contact with Mr. Gorbachev so as to welcome him personally here in Kiel as soon as possible. Together with him we want to develop initiatives for a better understanding between Russia and Europe. Highlighting shared values will be of overarching importance in this.

Shared values and their importance for solving global problems will also be central to discussions with our other exceptional and prominent awardees: Jeffrey Immelt, chairman of General Electric and as such one of the most important and best known managers worldwide, Sir Christopher Pissarides, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics and outstanding economist in the field of labor market research as well as Kristine and Douglas Tompkins, founder of renown brands like Esprit and The North Face and highly committed environmentalists today.”

The Gorbachev Foundation informed us: „Based on advice of his medical team President Gorbachev had to call off all travels abroad he had planned for June.“ He very much regrets this. He highly appreciates the award of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and he explicitly thanks Professor Snower and the jury of the Global Economy Prize.

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