EU Elections: Ambitious agenda for an economically strong Europe more difficult, but not impossible

“The results of the European elections indicate that it will be more difficult to organize a majority for a possible second term of office for Commission President von der Leyen. In particular, the rise of populist parties is a challenge for the necessary integration steps to strengthen the European Union (EU) in the current geopolitical environment.

In a turbulent time for the global economy, only a strong EU can vigorously defend European interests. Europe needs the completion of the capital market and banking union as well as bold steps towards building joint European defense capabilities. Europe's economic and military security and the further development of the internal market should be at the heart of the new Commission's work.

The strong performance of populist and Eurosceptic parties in particular does not make this any easier, but neither does it make it impossible. The pro-European forces must now stand together all the more and not give in to the populist siren songs. Research by the Kiel Institute shows that populism is extremely expensive economically and has a negative impact on economic growth. These are costs that we cannot afford.”