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Global Solutions Journal - Recoupling - The Global Solutions Summit 2020 Edition


  • Dennis J. Snower
  • Dennis Görlich
  • Markus Engels
  • Gabriel Felbermayr
  • Robert Gold
  • Juliane Stein-Zalai
  • Katharina Lima de Miranda
Publication Date

The Global Solutions Journal addresses G20 challenges by bringing together policy recommendations of thought leaders, and aims to find a common ground between these policy ideas and consonant action proposals of major decision makers. We strive to embed these recommendations and action proposals in a broader longer-term constellation of complementary visions for paradigm change in the management of global affairs.

This fifth issue of the Global Solutions Journal, has been launched on the occasion of the digital Global Solutions Summit 2020, supporting the G20 Presidency of Saudi-Arabia.

Kiel Institute Experts


Key Words

  • Africa
  • climate change
  • food security
  • Forced Migration
  • G20
  • Handel
  • Klimawandel
  • labor market
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • trade