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Global Solutions Journal - Recoupling


  • Snower
  • D.J.
  • Görlich
  • D.
  • Sorgner
  • A.
  • Krieger-Boden
  • C.
  • Akerlof
  • G.A.
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Nowadays economic progress (reflected in economic growth) often becomes decoupled from social progress (reflected in the well-being of citizens). Economic progress
also frequently outstrips political and environmental progress. Many of our global problems arise from these decouplings.The central challenge is to achieve “recoupling.” Realigning our economies, quire co-operation among diverse groups: policy makers, businesspeople, academics, and civil society representatives. In this endeavor, recoupling becomes the keystone of new alliances within and between societies and nations.
With this first issue of a new journal, the Global Solutions Initiative presents what it hopes will become a public arena for exchanging views on how to tackle the problems that cross national, social, and political boundaries, a stage for global citizenship.

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Key Words

  • Africa
  • climate change
  • food security
  • Forced Migration
  • G20
  • Handel
  • Klimawandel
  • labor market
  • trade