Global Safety Nets and Global Action to Release Vaccines: Necessary Tools to Face Global Pandemics


  • Grimalda
  • G.
  • Filgueira
  • F.
  • Fleurbaey
  • M.
  • Vuolo
  • R.L.
Publication Date
  • We recommend the institution of a global protection system able to assist people in hardship around the world. Such a global safety net should provide both an emergency basic income and medical assistance, and be funded by rich countries in the short term.
  • We advocate for this emergency income to become permanent in the form of a Global Universal Basic Income (GUBI), funded in the long term by international taxation.
  • We urge countries to consider the vaccine against Covid-19 a global public good, following the spirit of the third Sustainable Development Goal of “ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing at all ages”. This objective calls for strengthening the collective global effort to develop a vaccine, and preparing a plan for its global delivery.
  • In order to make the vaccine truly accessible to all, it should be freely accessible for people in Developing Countries, while a fair price should be established in rich countries.


Key Words

  • cohesion
  • Corona crisis
  • COVID19
  • global public goods