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Global Nudging als Politikkonzept zur Bewältigung globaler Herausforderungen


  • Friedl
  • A.
  • Gelhaar
  • F.
  • Ring
  • P.
  • Schütt
  • C.
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Our society is confronted with numerous global challenges such climate change or instable financial markets. Because these challenges exceed national competencies, internationalcooperation and coordination are necessary to address them. In an international environment, however, it is often difficult to agree on and implement traditional and “hard” policy instruments and measures—such as legal prohibitions or financial incentives. Nudging represents an alternative approach. Nuding aims at directing human behavior in a predictable and socially desirable way by a gentle push. Currently, nudging is mainly studied and applied on a national level, but an application to global problems appears in principle possible. Adiscussion about such an application is missing. By weighting advantages and disadvantages of nudges on the national level, this article discusses a potential global application. From our perspective, the exposition reveals that so-called global nudges in addition to classical policy tools have the potential to play an important role in addressing global challenges.

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  • global challenges
  • global governance
  • nudging