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Europe and China at odds: Is there still any chance of the EU-China investment agreement?

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... "As of now, there is indeed highly uncertain as to whether the European Parliament will ratify the agreement." Wan-Hsin Liu, an expert on Europe-China trade issues at the Institute for World Economic Research (IfW) at Kiel University in Germany, pointed out to Deutsche Welle that, apart from political factors, there are many aspects of the EU-China investment agreement that have left European parliamentarians in doubt." A big concern, for example, is that China's commitment to supporting the sustainable development is not enough."

Wan-Hsin Liu of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy noted that most of the market access commitments made by China to the EU were "already on the list of areas that China plans to open up gradually" and had "little to do" with the EU-China Investment Agreement." If European parliamentarians had been aware of this in advance, they would not have been too surprised to see the Annexes with the list of concrete commitments. In other words, those who would have supported the agreement will continue to do so, and those who do not will remain unsupportive." ...

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