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... Gabriel Felbermayr, the Austrian head of Germany’s prestigious Kiel Institute for the World Economy, said free trade with Britain is “incredibly important”.

<iframe data-google-container-id="6" data-integralas-id-b6c2a231-395b-5285-8855-fcc31ddafa69="" data-load-complete="true" frameborder="0" height="1" name="google_ads_iframe_3048/d.thesun/news/politics_5" scrolling="no" title="3rd party ad content" width="1"></iframe>He added: “I could imagine a hard Brexit would in the end not be that hard. To implement it in a hard way, you need infrastructure, regulations and officers who enforce it. And I can’t see any of that, neither on the side of the British nor on the European side. Maybe a little bit on the European side.” ...

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