Journal Article

Do Russia and China Promote Autocracy in Central Asia?


  • Melnykovska
  • I.
  • Plamper
  • H.
  • Schweickert
  • R.
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The purpose of our paper is to contribute to the literature on autocracy promotion by analyzing Central Asia as the most-likely case, considering both Russia and China as relevant external actors. We develop a concept for our analysis based on the different strategies of Russia and China towards the region and present the results of a qualitative study of the main dimensions of autocracy promotion (regional organizations, economic cooperation, and interference and threat). Based on this qualitative study, we define variables measuring the potential for autocracy promotion and test our hypotheses using panel data for 24 post-communist countries. For more information, contact

Kiel Institute Expert

Key Words

  • Autocracy Promotion
  • governance
  • Military Threat
  • Minorities
  • Regional Organization
  • Trade Integration

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