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Differences in the recreational value of urban parks between weekdays and weekends: a discrete choice analysis


  • Bertram
  • C.
  • Meyerhoff
  • J.
  • Rehdanz
  • K.
  • Wüstemann
  • H.
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Urban parks offer city residents a broad range of opportunities for recreation. This paper explores whether preferences for urban parks are context-dependent, i.e., whether they differ between recreational occasions on weekdays and weekends. Knowledge about such differences in behaviour and preferences could help decision makers in cities to optimise their portfolio of urban parks. Employing a discrete choice experiment for the case of Berlin, Germany, the analysis finds that preferences significantly differ between weekday and weekend recreation for some park characteristics. For weekdays, respondents prefer urban parks in closer proximity to their homes while the size of the parks is not so important. For the weekend, larger parks with picnic facilities are preferred while distance matters less. Most important are, however, cleanliness and maintenance, regardless of whether a park is visited on weekdays or the weekend. The results underline the importance of considering different temporal contexts when preferences for outdoor recreation are concerned.


JEL Classification
Q26, Q51

Key Words

  • Context-dependent preferences
  • Discrete choice experiment (DCE)
  • Recreational behaviour
  • Urban parks
  • Weekend vs. weekday

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