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Cosmopolitan, but closed – how the Covid-19 pandemic affected Hamburg’s tourism sector


  • Jessen-Thiesen
  • L.
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Drastic declines in the number of overnight stays and the absence of day visitors pose major challenges for Hamburg's tourism industry. In 2020, sales in the accommodation sector alone plummeted by over 60 percent. The author points out that cultural events, trade fairs and business travel are central pillars of Hamburg's tourism industry, which is particularly suffering from pandemic restrictions. Relaxations of accommodation restrictions could only have their full effect once these points of attraction are accessible again. In her view, the development of Hamburg's tourism in 2021 depends crucially on the course of the pandemic and the restrictions that accompany it. The sooner falling incidence figures and opening concepts restore confidence in safe city trips and events, the sooner a recovery can begin.

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Key Words

  • Corona-Krise
  • Hamburg
  • Tourismus