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Access to Electricity and Socio-Economic Characteristics: Panel Data Evidence at the Country Level


  • Magnani
  • N.
  • Vaona
  • A.
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A considerable number of case studies highlighted the connection between access to electricity and different socio-economic variables. The purpose of our research is to check whether these variables also show up in panel data/cross-country regressions and to assess their relative strength. Our results generally support those obtained by the case study literature. Electrification plans in developing countries should target rural areas and extensively rely on renewable energy sources. They should also be accompanied by measures fostering human capital accumulation and the involvement of local population. These general results need to be gauged within each country's specific context, carefully considering its own complexities. Therefore, our work complements, rather than substitutes the available case study literature.


JEL Classification
O10, O50, Q01, Q29, Q39, Q42

Key Words

  • developing countries
  • electricity access
  • Entwicklungsländer
  • panel data regression
  • socio-economic variables

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