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Working at the Kiel Institute

Join the Kiel Institute and shape the economic landscape of our time. Benefit from the convenient terms in public service.

As one of the world’s leading economic think tanks, with a top-class expert network, we provide cutting-edge academic research at the highest international level. We advise governments and other bodies, e.g., the G20, through science-based policy recommendations. Whatever work we do, we always carefully consider the relevant international contexts.

Across all our areas of activity, our top priorities include the professional and personal development of staff, the balancing of work and family life, and international knowledge sharing.

The Kiel Institute is committed to increasing the representation of women in all areas of our organization, especially management and research. Where job applicants have equal suitability, qualification, and professional achievement, preference is given to female candidates.

The Kiel Institute is also committed to employing people with disabilities. Where job applicants have equal suitability, preference is given to people with severe disabilities or equivalent status.

Job Vacancies

At the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, you can help shape the economic landscape of our time. In addition to our Job Vacancies the Kiel Institute also welcomes general applications for employment.

Job Vacancies


The Kiel Institute is committed to increasing the representation of women in higher-skilled roles where women are currently under-represented. In particular, these include management and research positions. Women also receive special assistance in advancing their careers.

Equal Opportunity at the Kiel Institute

Health Prevention

Das Kiel Institute-Team beim Kieler Drachenbootrennen 2017

Kiel Institute staff are eligible for discounted rates at sports facilities and for resources at Kiel University. These resources include health and prevention courses.

In addition, the Kiel Institute offers a range of internal sports activities, including jogging, yoga, and dragon boat racing.

Career and Family

All Kiel Institute staff have access to emergency childcare for children under 12 years of age.

School-age children up to the age of 14 can participate in the Kiel University vacation program during spring break, fall break, and the first three weeks of summer vacation.

To help part-time staff balance their work and family life, we draw up work schedules based on the preferred working days and hours of the respective staff members.

In addition, staff can choose to work from home for up to 50 percent of their contractually agreed weekly working hours.