Support for Junior Researchers/Doctoral Students

Completing a doctoral degree at the Kiel Institute prepares for all kinds of career objectives ranging from a classi­cal scientific career via getting ahead in non-university research organizations, think tanks, international or­ganizations or ministries, to occupations in the private sector.

Doctoral students are involved in the specific proj­ects of their research centers and often are additionally supporting projects of one or more of the Centers. This may include project-related research, contributions to the think-tank activities, education or to the Kiel Institute publication activities, or the acquisition of third-party financed projects. Dissertation topics are integrated into the research program of the Kiel Insti­tute to ensure a timely completion of the dissertation. Additional tasks are allocated in line with career aims and support relevant skills, e.g., for policy or consult­ing careers.

Doctoral candidates have a standard employment contract with 75 percent. In some exceptional cases, for instance in third-party-funded projects with a tight work schedule they also have a full contract. The ini­tial duration of contracts is three years, and at least one further one-year extension is possible. In typi­cal cases the target is to finish the dissertation within about four years.

Most of the doctoral students participate in the Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics at Kiel University, while some pursue their dissertation projects at other universities or at other faculties at Kiel University, such as the Agricultural Faculty. The Quantitative Economics program’s focus on quantita­tive methods fits well with the empirical research focus of the Institute. To avoid conflicts between the project work at the Kiel Institute and the Doctoral Programme, there is an agreement that the courses that normally have to be taken within one year can be stretched over a longer period for Kiel Institute’s employees.

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How to further pursue your career

The Kiel Institute also offers career opportunities for postdocs. They typically receive two-or three-year contracts, with one or two extensions. The Institute en­sures that there is room for pursuing own research in­terests and supports external stays of various lengths at universities as well as research and policy institutions, which are also open to advanced Ph.D. students. A limited number of junior professorships are available.

Many postdocs eventually leave the Institute and accept positions at universities, ministries, interna­tional organizations, and private firms. Recently, post­docs have, e.g., taken up professorships in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States or joined the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank, the OECD, the FAO and German federal ministries.

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Access to additional training programs

The Advanced Studies Program, which offers doctoral candidates the opportunity to attend courses by internationally renowned scholars and to discuss own research issues with them.

Several seminar series which keep junior academ­ics up-to-date with ongoing research; they also give them a platform to present their own research work.

Junior researchers also use the opportunity to ob­tain in-depth knowledge by attending further courses and summer schools outside Kiel or external courses on quantitative methods.