Joint Conference Kiel Institute and CEPR in Berlin

Geoeconomics 2023

30 - 01 Nov - Dec 2023

The global economic order is undergoing a fundamental transformation, characterized by growing competition between China, Europe, and the United States, and a shift from a rules-based to a more power-based system. Geopolitical considerations now increasingly dictate policy decisions and the extent of economic openness. Despite these major shifts, however, rigorous research on the link between economics and geopolitics remains scarce.

To foster cutting-edge research on the topic, CEPR and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy have launched a joint new Research Policy Network (RPN) on Geoeconomics, which will be hosted in a new Berlin research hub.

This conference, jointly organized by the Kiel Institute and CEPR in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office and Sciences Po, brought together world-leading scholars working at the intersection of geopolitics and (international) economics. Speakers included Javier Bianchi (Minneapolis Fed), Linda Goldberg  (NY Fed, CEPR and Geoeconomics RPN), Gita Gopinath (IMF), Sergei Guriev  (Sciences Po, CEPR and Geoeconomics RPN),Ethan Ilzetzki  (LSE and CEPR), Adam Tooze  (Columbia University) and David Yang (Harvard).

The presentation of the 2023 Kiel Institute Bernhard Harms Prize to IMF economist Gita Gopinath and of the Excellence Awards in Global Economic Affairs were part of the conference. The Bernhard Harms Prize, one of Europe’s leading awards in the field of international economics, is awarded every 2 years. The prize honors scholars for exceptional research in global economics and for exceptional efforts to promote global economic relations. The Excellence Awards in Global Economic Affairs are presented to the brightest young researchers in the field of global economic affairs. 

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