Dr. Ulrich Stolzenburg

Innovation and International Competition, Business Cycles and Growth

Topics: Business Cycle Euro Area, European Union & Euro


Main research interests

  • Business cycle analysis and forecasting
  • European monetary union
  • Monetary policy
  • Agent-based computational macroeconomics
  • Since 2015: Economist at the Kiel Institute, Research centers  "Business cycles and growth" as well as "Innovation and international Competition"
  • 2007-2015: Dr. sc. pol., Doctoral program "Quantitative Economics" at the University of Kiel. Dissertation: "Essays on Economic Growth and Business Cycle Dynamics".
  • 2011-2013: Data Analyst at the Institute for Innovation Research, University of Kiel.
  • 2001-2007: Degree in Economics at the University of Kiel, majoring in Econometrics, Statistics and International Economic Relations.
  • 2 kids