Prof. Dr. Manfred Wiebelt

International Development


Main research interests

  • Resource-based development
  • Climate change
  • agriculture
  • and poverty

Manfred Wiebelt is a Research Fellow (emeritus) at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and an Adjunct Professor of Economics (retired) at the University of Kiel. His research focuses on the interactions between policies, economic growth and poverty, primarily using computable general equilibrium (CGE) and micro-simulation modeling. Past research focuses on evaluating structural adjustment and stabilization programs, designing sustainable management strategies for tropical forests and other natural resources, operationalizing pro-poor growth strategies, and assessing the impacts of climate change and other external risks. He has worked with governments and researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region, and in Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nepal, often flanked by measures to enhance local capacities for evidence-based policy making at ministries, central banks, statistical offices, and universities and research institutes in these countries.