Finn Ole Semrau

Topics: Africa, Climate, Emerging Markets & Developing Countries, Globalization, Innovation, Sustainable Development

Finn Ole Semrau - Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • Environment and globalization
  • Green innovation and management
  • Hydrogen
  • Corporate Social Responsibility along global value chains
  • Coffee trade and development

Finn Ole Semrau is a doctoral researcher at the Kiel Institute. He focuses on green transformation in a globalized world, i.e. he analyzes how a firm's global value chain participation relates to its environmental and social performance. Beyond this, he analyzes the global market take-up of hydrogen and its role for in the green economic transformation.

Beyond his focus on the green economic transformation, he is addicted to coffee and hence enjoyed contributing to the Coffee Development Report 2020 with an empirical investigation on a country's drivers of global value chain upgrading commissioned by the International Coffee Organization.

In addition, Finn Ole Semrau is an expert in monitoring and evaluation of development cooperation projects, including team leadership of several data collections. Since 2016, he has been commissioned by Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenenarbeit (GIZ), GFA Consulting Group and New Link Mozambique. As part of his work, he has been on three field trips to the Beira corridor of Mozambique.

Moreover, he has been on research visits in Ireland (Trinity College Dublin) and Brazil (UFRJ) as well as on data collection in Kenya (around Kisumu).