The Elusive Quest for Technological Leadership – What Really Matters in The World after Corona


  • Dohse
  • D.
  • Vehrke
  • J.
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  • The Corona crisis has fueled the race for technological leadership and accelerated the digital transformation.
  • Striving for technological leadership imposes a high social cost on the countries that advance the world technology frontier.
  • For Germany, and for the EU as a whole, embeddedness in international research and production networks is crucial not only for innovation, but also to keep up its absorptive capacity that is needed to successfully apply knowledge created elsewhere.
  • Better coordination among countries, at least at the European level, is needed when facing threats like pandemics in order to find collaborative solutions more efficiently.
  • The European Commission’s focus on human-centered AI and its attempt to become the regulatory first mover in AI is to be welcomed.
  • The creation of a Digital Single Market (DSM) is an important milestone in shaping the digital future, but more effort is needed to overcome fragmentation and to create better and larger space for digital enterprises to grow.

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Key Words

  • Corona crisis
  • innovation
  • Regulation