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Subsidies in Germany until 2015/2016 – The money is much looser (in German)


  • Laaser
  • C.-F.
  • Rosenschon
  • A.
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Die authors of the new Kiel Subsidy Report find that the subsidies in Germany granted by the federal layer, the federal states, communities and special budgets reached an all-time peak with EUR 168.7 billion since the Kiel Institute surveys subsidy data. The sum of subsidies in 2015 surpassed the level of 2007 before the financial crisis by EUR 27.5 billion, and that of the last peak in 2010 by EUR 2.5 billion. For the budgetary year 2016 the financial grants from the federal budget will increase drastically by 18.8 per cent.


Key Words

  • Reduction of Subsidies
  • subsidies
  • Tax policy