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More financial burden-sharing for developing countries that host refugees


  • Lücke
  • M.
  • Schneiderheinze
  • C.
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The authors call on G20 leaders to extend more predictable and substantial support to lowand-
middle-income countries that host refugees, in recognition of the global public good
that these countries provide. Together with other high-income countries, G20 countries
should fully cover the cost of providing for the basic and social needs of refugees. They
should also help to expand public services and infrastructure for refugees as well as
resident populations. Such international support for the economic integration and social
inclusion of refugees will be most effective if host countries grant refugees a firm legal
status with access to employment and entrepreneurship.


JEL Classification
F22, F53, O15

Key Words

  • G20
  • humanitarian aid
  • public goods
  • refugee migration
  • refugees