Working Paper

collapse: Advanced and Fast Statistical Computing and Data Transformation in R


  • Krantz
  • S.
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collapse is a large C/C++-based infrastructure package facilitating complex statistical computing, data transformation, and exploration tasks in R - at outstanding levels of performance and programming efficiency. It also implements a class-agnostic approach to R programming, supporting vector, matrix and data frame-like objects and their popular variants (e.g., factor, ts, xts, tibble, data.table, sf), enabling its seamless integration with large parts of the R ecosystem. This article introduces the package's key components and design principles in a structured way, supported by a rich set of examples. A small benchmark demonstrates its computational performance.

Kiel Institute Expert


Key Words

  • statistical computing
  • vectorization
  • data manipulation and transformation
  • summary statistics
  • class-agnostic programming
  • R