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Welcome to the Media-Center of the Kiel Institute


We are supporting you to find economic experts, no matter if you are planning a story for Print, Online, Radio, or TV.

The Kiel Institute brings together experts on a full range of economic policy issues ranging from monetary policy to behavioral economics.

Find current and archived announcements of new research, policy papers and upcoming events.

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Latest Media Information


Empowering Women through Digitalization

Woman Typing Phone Message On Social Network At Night © diego_cervo – iStockphotoDigitalization can help create greater gender equality. Moreover, the digital age will provide more workplace opportunities for women than for men. But the right policies need to be in place so that women can take advantage of these improved opportunities.



G20: Recoupling Economic and Social Progress

G20_Gipfel_think20dialogue_2017_Internet_RGB_L-01.jpgThe Co-Chairs of the Think 20 group of think tanks called on the leaders of the G20 countries to expand their agenda of economic growth and macroeconomic stability to include a greater focus on social needs as well as environmental and climate protection. They also urged the summit to send a clear signal that global issues would continue to be addressed in a coordinated, multilateral manner. Read more...


Snower: G20 should make a commitment to climate protection

Green Energy © mustafa deliormanli - iStockphotoThe Hamburg G20 summit should send a clear signal in support of climate protection, says Dennis Snower, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and advisor to the G20. He believes it may still be possible to persuade the Trump administration to act on climate protection. But even without global cooperation, progress can be made on combating climate change. Read more...