KCG Lunch-time Seminar

Stages of Technological Diversification — Aleksandra Parteka

21 Apr 2023

24105 Kiel
Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Kiellinie 66


Aleksandra Parteka (Gdansk University of Technology)


We provide new tech-based interpretation of stages of diversification observed along the development path in a sample of 160 countries (1996-2018).  The decomposition of relative (weighted) Theil index allows us to reveal that export diversification process is driven by the increasing variety of non-tech exports. However, the role of technological variety evolves as countries move to higher development stages: it reaches the peak at about 66,000 US$ per person when the technological component is responsible for up to 40% of overall export diversification level. The role of digital technologies in the diversification process is negligible but we reveal cross-country differences in diversification trajectories. An accompanying set of results shows the application of a similar methodology to study export diversification dynamics in the context of natural resource dependence.


Medienraum (A-211)

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