Global China Conversations #18

Tensions over Taiwan: What’s the Current Situation and What Challenges Arise for Businesses and the Economy?

16 Feb 2023


Rhetoric and actions regarding Taiwan have become more belligerent on both sides of the Pacific. China accuses the United States of "using Taiwan to contain China". At the same time, China’s armed forces have increased the pressure on Taiwan. The U.S., on the other hand, appears to take sides openly and pivots away from its "strategic ambiguity" on whether it would intervene in a conflict. A conflict that is increasingly considered more likely. Although the Taiwanese public prefers the status quo, the Chinese leadership does not appear willing to deviate from the goal of integrating Taiwan into the PRC. Until recently, many China scholars held the view that a gradual integration of Taiwan through economic ties would be the more likely path attempted by the Chinese government. But the unexpected Russian invasion of Ukraine has reinforced fears of a military escalation. How justified are those fears? What are current escalation scenarios and capabilities? How do they impact businesses on the island? What implications arise for the Taiwanese and global economies? 

Sarah Kirchberger, Kiel University
Shin-Horng Chen 


The event consists of different impulse lectures followed by a discussion.  

The Global China Conversation #18 will be held in German.