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PEGNet Conference

Connecting Development Research and Practice

The Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) brings together researchers with an interest in issues revolving around the poverty-inequality-growth nexus in developing countries, and links them to the German and international development policy bodies. Its main aims are:

  • To facilitate cooperation among researchers and practitioners, e.g. by creating virtual research communities as common work platforms;

  • To initiate joint activities such as the hosting of conferences and seminars and the realization of practically relevant research projects;

  • To promote the exchange of ideas between researchers and development practitioners;

  •  To conduct joint program and project evaluations;

  • To use research results as an input for policy advice.

As a means of deepening cooperation, PEGNet aims to integrate two aspects of research activities that are often separate: the research locality and the research network. Most modern, collaborative research efforts require that the collaborating researchers meet physically at appropriate intervals and that they stay in electronic communication in the interim. Accordingly, PEGNet seeks to bring its members physically together, and to provide a virtual infrastructure that allows for efficient research cooperation between the physical meetings.

In addition, PEGNet organizes international conferences and workshops in order to spread results from research and practical development cooperation, to foster exchange between researchers and practitioners, and to attract new members for PEGNet; and informs about new insights from research and development policy and provides access to publications, data sets, and statistical methods of policy analysis for network members.

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