Overview of the G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg. Angela Merkel is speaking in front of a great hall full of people sitting at their desks.

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Challenges for the G20

One focus of our international policy advice is on the topics of the 20 most important industrial and emerging countries (G20). We advise decision-makers through networks such as the think tank group T20. Results and activities of this commitment can be found on this page.

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The World Policy Forum

Every year in spring, our high-level GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Summit takes place in Berlin with the aim of presenting and discussing solutions for urgent global problems. The policy recommendations are addressed primarily to decision-makers in the G20, G7 and other international organizations.

Policy Proposals for the G20

The G20 Insights Platform offers policy proposals to the G20. The Policy Briefs, produced by Task Forces from the Think20 (T20) Group and other sources, are clustered in policy areas and describe either concrete policy recommendations or broader visions for policy makers. The platform was set up during the German G20 presidency under the leadership of the Kiel Institute and is now under the responsibility of the Global Solutions Initiative.