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History of business cycle research at the Kiel Institute

Heads and milestones

2017 The "Economic Policy Center" is merged into the Forecasting Center as its new division "Special Topics" stefan-kooths.jpg
2016 The Kiel Institute returns to the Joint Forecast working group
since 2014 Business cycle reports (World Economy, Euro Area, Germany) published as „Kieler Konjunkturberichte
since 2014 Stefan Kooths
2013 The consortium of IfW and ZEW (established in 2010) leaves the Joint Forecast working group joachim-scheide.jpg
since 2011 Semi-annual medium term projections (spring and autumn) for the German economy (until 2014 in cooperation with ZEW)
since 2006 „Die Weltwirtschaft“ is disontinued, business cycle reports (World Economy, Euro Area, Germany) published as „Kieler Diskussionsbeiträge“
since 2005 Forecasting Center
since 1998 Semi-annual reports (spring autumn) for the Euro Area
1998 Foundation of the European Forecasting Research Association for the Macro-Economy (EUROFRAME)
1998-2014      Joachim Scheide
1993 First integrated forecast for the German economy after reunification klaus-werner-schatz.png
since 1992 Quarterly business cycle reports for the World Economy and Germany
1985-1997 Klaus-Werner Schatz
1985-2004 Research Department V („Business Cycles “) with research groups on „Basic Business Cycle Research“, „German Economy “, „International Business Cycles“, and „Fiscal Policy“ norbert-walter.jpg
1977-1985 Research Department V („Business Cycles and World Economy “) with research groups on „Basic Business Cycle Research“, „Western German Economy “, and „International Business Cycles “
1975-1985 Norbert Walter
1975-1976 Research Department II („Business Cycles and World Economy“), research group „Business Cycles “
1972-1974 Norbert Walter („Konjunktur der Welt“)
since 1970 Kieler Konjunkturgespräche klaus-dieter-schmidt.jpg
since 1970 „Die Weltwirtschaft“ with additional studies on economic policy
1970-1974 Klaus-Dieter Schmidt („Western German Economy “)
1970-1972 Hubertus Müller-Groeling („World Economy“) hubertus-mueller-groeling.jpg
1970-1974 Research Department II („Business Cycles and World Economy“) with research groups on „Western German Economy“ and „World Economy“ martin-hoffmeyer.jpg
since 1968 Reports on the Western German economy with systematic forecasts for the following year (two-year horizon)
1966-1969 Martin Hoffmeyer
1965 Joint Forecasts switch from Summer/Winter rhythm to Spring/Autumn werner-gatz.jpg
since 1962 Regular business cycle analysis for the Western German economy, „International Environment“ replaces „Global Overview“
1957 Foundation of the Association d’Instituts Européens de Conjoncture Économique (AIECE)
1955 The Federal Ministry of Finance establishes the Working Party on Tax Revenue Estimates that since then the IfW collaborates on (bi-annual meetings in May and November)
1954-1956 Industry reports and special topics complement business cycle reports
since 1950 Joint reports of the ARGE business cycle research institutes on the „Economic situation of the Western German economy and the world economy“ in the summer and winter term (since 1951: „Joint Forecast“) initiated by Fritz Baade (Kiel Institute) and Ferdinand Friedensburg (DIW Berlin) [first edition]
since 1950 Semi-annual reports on the economic situation: Global overview, country reports and market reports (published as „Die Weltwirtschaft“) [first edition]
1949 Foundation of the working group of German economic research institutes (ARGE-Institutes), co-headed by Fritz Baade (Kiel Institute) and Ferdinand Friedensburg (DIW Berlin)
1949-1966 Werner Gatz
1949-1969 Research organized along country, market, and industry studies  
1930-1933 Gerhard Colm gerhard-colm.jpeg
1926-1930 Adolf Löwe adlof-loewe.jpg
1926-1933 Abteilung für Statistische Weltwirtschaftskunde und Internationale Konjunkturforschung (Astwik)  




  • Die Weltwirtschaft (consecutive volumes 1950 to 2005).
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  • Czycholl, Harald (2014): 100 Jahre Institut für Weltwirtschaft – Vom königlichen Institut zum globalen Forschungszentrum, Kiel/Hamburg.
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