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International Business Cycle Forum

KKG-Schriftzug.pngThe Kieler Konjunkturgespräche (KKG) is the Kiel Institute’s flagship conference on international business cycle analysis. Here we share our research work and discuss global macroeconomic issues with other forecasters, policy-makers, and business leaders. For over 40 years, this bi-annual series of conferences is well-established in the international forecasting community. Traditionally, the KKG venue alternates between Kiel (spring) and Berlin (autumn).

The basis for the KKG is provided by presentations by national and international experts on economic perspectives for important countries and regions as well as on pressing issues for economic policy. Also, the Kiel Institute’s Forecasting Center presents its latest forecasts and analyses on the German economy, the Euro area economy, and the world economy, and it discusses global macroeconomic topics with other business cycle experts, policy-makers, and business representatives. The conference language is English.

The next KKG
Global Economic Upswing: Priceless – or Costly?
will take place
23/24 April 2018 in Kiel

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