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Building global citizenship through global basic income and progressive global taxation

G20 Insights, T20T4

In this policy brief, we recommend the institution of a Global Universal Basic Income (GUBI). We define this as a periodic payment unconditionally delivered to all individuals worldwide, without means-test or work requirement, paid in cash or other appropriate form. It should be funded through a tax on financial transactions, a wealth tax levied on the top 1% of the global wealth distribution, and a carbon tax. The GUBI provides an automatic safety net against sudden systemic shocks like COVID-19. It should be managed by a United Nations (UN) agency. A GUBI helps create global citizenship, foster global social cohesion, and regain trust and legitimacy toward international institutions such as the Group of 20 (G20).


Fernando Filgueira
Marc Fleurbaey
Rubén Lo Vuolo


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