Nominees of the Global Economy Prize announced


The nominees for the Global Economy Prize 2021 have been determined. The prize, which is now being awarded for the 16th time by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy together with its partners, the state capital Kiel and the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is intended to provide an impetus to overcome the major global economic challenges by transcending borders. It is not endowed.


The Global Economy Prize 2021 has "Environmental Economics" as its central theme. The award is given to personalities who have distinguished themselves as pioneers in environmental, climate and nature protection. The nominees 2021 are:;

  • Dr. Göran Persson, former Minister President of Sweden; Category: Politics.
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Otto, Chairman of the Otto Group Supervisory Board; Category: Business.
  • Prof. Xuemei Bai, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Urban Environment and Human Ecology, Australian National University, Canberra; Science Category.

The award winners are proposed from the network of the Kiel Institute and finally selected and nominated by the jury of the World Economy Award. This jury consists of, among others, the President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy Gabriel Felbermayr, Kiel's Lord Mayor Ulf Kämpfer and the Vice President of the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry Consul Klaus-Hinrich Vater. In accordance with their profession, the above-mentioned members of take care for the award winner in the category of politics, business, and (economic) science.

Commenting on the nomination in the politics category, Kämpfer said: "Göran Persson is one of the outstanding European politicians of recent decades. His term in office not only saw a remarkable economic upswing. At the same time, he set the course for Sweden to become a pioneer in climate protection. With great personal commitment, he focused on a sustainable environmental policy and implemented steps that went far beyond the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol. If today we look to Scandinavia with respect when it comes to climate protection, it's largely thanks to him."

Vater justified the nomination in the Business category as follows: "Michael Otto is not only an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur who, by acting with foresight, succeeded in leading the traditional Otto mail-order-business into the digital age and successfully positioned it against market giants such as Amazon, but for more than 25 years he has also set groundbreaking standards as a fervent advocate and constant promoter of nature and environmental protection. Michael Otto is therefore emblematic of sustainable and generational entrepreneurship, which the social and ecological challenges of these times demand."

Felbermayr said of the upcoming Science category awardee, "Xuemei Bai is not only a pioneer and leading expert in interdisciplinary urban sustainability research but also a skillful and dedicated policy adviser. Her rare talent to transform state of the art research into practical policy recommendations and her deep understanding of the complexity of the drivers and environmental impacts of urbanization made her to one of the most influential thought leaders in urban sustainability transitions worldwide."
The award ceremony of the Global Economic Price will take place during the Kieler Woche on Sunday, September 5, 2021, in the City Hall of the State Capital Kiel. The laureates are expected to attend in person.

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