The Kiel Institute mourns for Prof. Dr. Klaus-Werner Schatz


The Kiel Institute for the World Economy mourns for Prof. Dr. Schatz. Over many long years, Mr. Schatz successfully headed the Institute’s Business Cycle Research. Moreover, he has been acting as President Horst Siebert's deputy. Previously, Mr. Schatz has made his mark as a pioneer in economic structural research in Germany, especially with respect to structural change and growth. Beyond this, he became an expert in regional research, both nationally and internationally. He has been teaching successfully as an honorary professor at the CAU Kiel and the FU Berlin.

While he has been a member of the Institute's Presidential Department, some important decisions have been taken: for the Institute to join the newly founded Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Association and to prepare for an important evaluation by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), to enlarge the ZBW library building and to renovate the Institute's building which he took forward significantly, displaying considerable management skills. Thanks to his participation in several big projects like the Structural Reporting and the Joint Economic Forecast for the Federal Government, Mr. Schatz has been a prestigious and highly esteemed economic policy advisor during his time at the Kiel Institute. This has been additionally highlighted by his subsequent entry into the Federal Ministry of Economics as head of the Policy Principles Directorate.

He always defended a strictly libertarian course with respect to economic governance and by this, he significantly shaped the Institute's image in the economically interested public. Even after leaving the Kiel Institute and until last, he has been an amicable supporter with an advisory capacity for the Institute.

"Klaus-Werner Schatz had a particular affinity with the Forecasting Center. We are mourning a sagacious advisor, who until recently assisted us with his experience and farsightedness. We did not only loose a great researcher and advocate of ordo-economics and ordo-liberal thinking, but we also lost a very close companion", Prof. Dr. Stefan Kooths, presently heading the Forecasting Center, appreciated Klaus-Werner Schatz. The Institute’s Presidential Department as well as its staff members will cherish his Memory.