Policy Article

Challenge Climate Engineering – Assessment of new options for climate protection (in German)

Kieler Beiträge zur Wirtschaftspolitik, 8

Climate Engineering revolves around the exploration and deployment of CE technologies, both in public and in science. The central question of this paper is the topic "Risk Assessment, Evaluation Approaches and Decision Criteria". It outlines how processes can be designed to make decisions for or against a particular CE technology or decisions on the desired level of CE deployment. Possible consequences, risks and conflict potentials of climate engineering are analyzed. In addition, the overriding question is whether the development of CE technologies and the study of their side effects are socially desirable and ethically acceptable, or what criteria can be used to decide how to use these technologies.


Jonas Dovern
Daniel Barben
Timo Goeschl
Sebastian Harnisch
Daniel Heyen
Nina Janich
Achim Maas
Nils Matzner
Jürgen Scheffran
Stephanie Uther