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The Ukraine Support Tracker: Which countries help Ukraine and how?

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This paper presents the Ukraine Support Tracker, which lists and quantifies military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. Since the third update we track support by 40 countries, specifically the EU member states, other members of the G7, as well as Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Taiwan and India.

The database is intended to support a facts-based discussion about support by other countries to Ukraine. Private donations and aid through non-governmental organizations are not included due to a lack of systematic data. To value in-kind support like military equipment or weapons, we rely on government statements as well as own calculations using market prices. We find significant differences in the scale of support across countries, both in absolute terms and as percent of donor country GDP.

We are continuously expanding, correcting, and improving this project. We therefore very much welcome any help to improve the tracker. We are very grateful for the many comments and suggestions we have received. Please send us feedback and comments to E-Mail Address protected. Please enable Javascript.

Note: This research paper describes the methodology and contains the data until August 3, 2022. For prior versions of the paper see link below cover.


Arianna Antezza
Pascal Frank
Ivan Kharitonov
Bharath Kumar
Ekaterina Rebinskaya


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F35, F51, H56, H63, H84, H81