Journal Article

Exposure of Mediterranean Countries to Ocean Acidification

Water, 6 (2014): 1719-1744

This study examines the potential effects of ocean acidification on countries and fisheries of the Mediterranean Sea. The implications for seafood security and supply are evaluated by examining the sensitivity of the Mediterranean to ocean acidification at chemical, biological, and macro-economic levels. The limited information available on impacts of ocean acidification on harvested (industrial, recreational, and artisanal fishing) and cultured species (aquaculture) prevents any biological impact assessment. However, it appears that non-developed nations around the Mediterranean, particularly those for which fisheries are increasing, yet rely heavily on artisanal fleets, are most greatly exposed to socioeconomic consequences from ocean acidification.


Nathalie Hilmi
Caroline Hattam
Katrin Rehdanz - Kiel Institute
Katrin Rehdanz
Denis Allemand
Mine Cinar
Sarah Cooley
Jason M. Hall-Spencer
Gunnar Haraldson
Ross A. Jeffree
James C. Orr
Stéphanie Reynaud
Alain Safa
Sam Dupont