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Trump’s China Tariffs Hit America’s Poor and Working Class the Hardest


Gabriel Felbermayr on the costs of the US-Chinese trade dispute

Excerpt from the Article

(...) On May 13, Trump tweeted that Chinese exporters would absorb most of the brunt of higher U.S. tariffs. He wrote, “This has been proven recently when only 4 points were paid by the U.S., 21 points by China because China subsidizes product to such a large degree.” That’s an accurate summation of a policy brief [PDF] last year by Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek and Gabriel Felbermayr for the European Network for Economic and Fiscal Policy Research. Zoller-Rydzek is a senior researcher and lecturer at ZHAW School of Management and Law in Winterthur, Switzerland, while Felbermayr is president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy at Kiel University in Kiel, Germany.

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