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Chinese, German scholars call for inclusive global development in "new industrial revolution"


Reports from the CASS-IfW Workshop "Global challenges and global solutions"

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(...) The workshop entitled "Global Challenges and Global Solutions" was held on Tuesday at Kiel, a famous harbor city in northern Germany. About 40 scholars from Chinese and German think tanks shared their research and opinions on a variety of topics such as the new industrialization process, the Belt and Road Initiative, global governance and 5G policy.

"Key technologies such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology and 5G are making breakthroughs and being commercialized at a faster pace, heralding a new era of industrial revolution," Xie said.

Gabriel Felbermayr, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), said the Belt and Road Initiative brings big opportunity for Germany to trade with China and Central Asia with lower transportation costs and higher efficiency. And in order to make these things work, what we need is honest and friendly cooperation.

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