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G-7 looks for relevance as it gathers in Canada


Dennis J. Snower awaits a proper answer from G7 and G20 to multilateralism in crisis.

Excerpt from the Article

(...) "Multilateralism is in crisis," said Dennis Snower, president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in Kiel, Germany. "We have a number of international organizations that are either stalemated or their representation is not fit for the present day."


"What can the G-7 do that the G-20 cannot?" said Mr. Snower, who is president and founder of the Kiel Institute's Global Solutions Initiative, an alliance of research institutes around the world that aims to provide advice to the Group of 20. "Where is the G-7 more legitimate than the G-20?" Mr. Snower said. "That's not obvious at all."

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, did not even mention the Charlevoix meeting at a conference organized by Mr. Snower's group on May 28.

"Global issues can only be solved globally," Ms. Merkel said, adding that her view "is not shared by everyone."

In an obvious reference to Mr. Trump, Ms. Merkel said: "Multilateral action is currently under pressure, indeed in crisis. It is challenged by protectionism and isolationist thinking."