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The Hazard of Environmental Morality


Oped by Christine Merk, who argues for pragmatic efforts to combat climate change and an open-minded view on latest technologies.

Excerpt from the Article

(...) Much like with adaptation before it, environmentalists have rallied around the possibility that mere talk of geoengineering could discourage much needed mitigation and adaptation measures. To be sure, in a world of fully rational climate policy, both carbon removal and solar geoengineering would lead to less mitigation and adaptation. But the world is far from rational. Those grasping for excuses not to cut greenhouse gas emissions will surely point to both as yet another reason to delay sensible climate policies. Newt Gingrich has.

Sensible climate policy must rise above that level of argument, though, and take seriously all options for mitigating climate change. Think of carbon removal as a liposuction for the planet. Solar geoengineering could be thought of as statins to treat high levels of cholesterol, helping to prevent a heart attack. It is clear that the best approach would have been consistent diet and exercise. And that should still be part of the answer, but it might be too late for those who have already lived unhealthy lifestyles for too long.

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