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Keeping Good Relations With Post-Brexit U.K. Is Vital to the EU


Oped by Stefan Kooths who argues, to set an exemplary warning on Great Britain in case of a Brexit would be the worst possible response

Excerpt from the Article

(...) Following the Brexit vote and a tough-talking Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference, some in Brussels seem inclined to set an exemplary warning. That would be the worst possible response. What we need is a spirit of maximum cooperation that builds bridges for the UK.

There is strong political pressure to act. In the absence of swift clarity about future relations between the United Kingdom and the EU, economic benefits on both sides risk falling victim to politically-induced procrastination. Reconfiguring the relationship is a complex undertaking that requires time-consuming attention to myriad details. That makes it all the more important to reach a rapid decision on the fundamental issues.

A decision by the EU to behave as constructively as possible toward the U.K. would be hugely beneficial, sending out a positive signal and lifting a large part of the uncertainty long before the negotiations are concluded. Concerns about the economic impact are not the only reason to adopt such a strategy. It would also benefit EU stability, which over the long term can only be built on the genuine advantages of belonging to the “club,” rather than on a belligerent great-power policy.

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