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Kiel Economic Policy Papers


7.      Rolf J. Langhammer
The Asian Way of Regional Integration: Are There Lessons from Europe?
January 2007, 21 pp. ISBN 3-89456-289-7. pdf


6.      Matthias Lücke and Jacek Rothert
Central Asia’s Comparative Advantage in International Trade
March 2006, 39 pp. ISBN 33-89456-279-x. pdf


5.      Banafsheh Siadat and Michael Stolpe
Reforming Health Care Finance: What Can Germany Learn from Other Countries?
December 2005, 33 pp. ISBN 3-89456-276-5. pdf

4.      Peter Nunnenkamp, Rainer Thiele, and Tom Wilfer
Grants Versus Loans: Much Ado About (Almost) Nothing
November 2005, 15 pp. ISBN 3-89456-275-7. pdf

3.      Joachim Benner, Klaus-Jürgen Gern, and Joachim Scheide
Euroland: Recovery Is Slowly Gaining Momentum
September 2005, 16 pp. ISBN 3-89456-274-9. pdf

2.      William R. White
Procyclicality in the Financial System: Do We Need a New Macrofinancial Stabilization Framework? 
September 2005, 25 pp. ISBN 3-89456-273-0. pdf

1.      Markus Diehl and Rainer Schweickert
Monetary Management of Transition in China: Balancing Short-Run Risks and Long-Run Optimality
June  2005, 18 pp. ISBN 3-89456-270-6. pdf