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Women20 study
The Effects of Digitalization on Gender Equality in the G20 Economies
Alina Sorgner, Eckhardt Bode, Christiane Krieger-Boden
With contributions by Urvashi Aneja, Susan Coleman, Vidisha Mishra , Alicia Robb
July 2017, 143 pp.

Cluster Development Programs in Ethiopia: Evidence and Policy Implications
Edited by Merima Ali, Olivier Godart, Holger Görg, and Adnan Seric
January 2016, 32 pp.

Climate Change: Current Issues
Edited by Natalia Trofimenko
April 2011, 30 pp.

The Crisis and Beyond
Edited by Henning Klodt and Harmen Lehment
November 2009, 195 pp.