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Come Back or Stay? Spend Here or There? Temporary versus Permanent Migration and Remittance Patterns in the Republic of Moldova

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This paper examines the determinants of temporary and permanent migration
and the impact of the return decision on remittances patterns. Using a new detailed
household dataset on migration in the Republic of Moldova, it is shown that return
is determined by the economic conditions at home and abroad as well as by the legal
status in the host country. Especially economic frustration turns out to be an important
push factor for permanent migration. Besides, family ties play an important
role, as do respective migrant networks. Concerning remittances, the results indicate
that temporary migrants remit around 30% more than their permanent counterparts
even though they often reside in lower wage countries. Overall, the findings indicate
that temporary migration is relatively more favorable for developing countries as it
fosters higher remittances, repatriation of skills and home savings.


Pia Pinger


Publication Date
JEL Classification
F22, F24, O15