Dr. Yan Wang

Consultant at the World Bank and non-resident Senior Visiting Fellow at Boston University


Dr. Yan Wang, consultant at the World Bank, non-resident senior research fellow, Global Development Policy Center at Boston University, and senior visiting fellow, Institute of New Structural Economics, Peking University.

Dr. Yan Wang previously worked as Senior Economist and Team Leader in the World Bank for 20 years and served as Coordinator of the OECD-DAC and China Study Group for two years (2009-2011). She has received twice the SUN Yefang Award in Economics (the highest award in economics in China), and her publications include The Quality of Growth (2000, with Vinod Thomas et al.), Going beyond Aid: Development Cooperation for Structural Transformation (with Justin Yifu Lin, 2017 Cambridge University Press).  She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University, and taught economics before joined the World Bank and after retirement at George Washington University School of Business (2013-2018).