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Kiel Institute Awards Prizes for Excellent Research in Global Economic Affairs to Young Economists

ifw_logo_small.jpg Press Release January 9, 2012

The Kiel Institute’s Excellence Awards in Global Economic Affairs 2012 go to four outstanding young economists from universities in the United States and China. The winners of the award are Jan de Loecker and Oleg Itskhoki (both Princeton University), Kalina Manova (Stanford University) and Huanhuan Zheng (Chinese University of Hong Kong). The aim of the award is to build a community of the brightest young researchers in the area of global economic affairs. The Kiel Institute uses its generous resources to provide award winners with the intellectual, financial, and administrative support to pursue focused programs of research in designated areas. The award includes a research visit to the Kiel Institute which is financed by several grants (the Horst Siebert Fellowship, the Porsche Fellowship, the Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship, and the Birke Hospitality Fellowship).

This year’s award winners have significantly contributed to expanding the knowledge base in global economic research. Jan de Loecker provided important new insights on international trade. Oleg Itskhoki has written excellent papers on the effects of globalization on labour markets. Kalina Manova is the author of innovative studies on the relationship between trade and finance. Huanhuan Zheng has made significant contributions to the better understanding of financial crises.

The award ceremony will take place during Kiel Week 2012.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Harmen Lehment

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