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The Kiel Institute Focus Series presents papers on current economic policy topics. Their authors are solely responsible for their content and their views or any policy recommendations they may make do not necessarily represent the views or recommendations of the Institute.

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Dennis J. Snower: Spreading Care for a World Without Borders

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No. 29    November 25, 2015
by Dennis J. Snower


Spreading Care for a World Without Borders

The world stands at the brink of a new era, an era of “problems without borders”.  For the more interconnected we become, economically and technologically, the more interconnected our problems are becoming as well. Many of these problems are global in reach and unprecedented in form:

Natural upheavals: Climate change, biodiversity loss and depletion of critical resources threatens to make the world less habitable.
Technological upheavals: Moore's Law, whereby our information processing power doubles every two years, implies that our technological capabilities threaten to outrun our psychological, organizational, social and political adaptability. Nowadays Big Data and Smart Machines are poised to replace much of nowadays unskilled, blue-collar and routine white-collar work.


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