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Verhaltensökonomisches Seminar


Das Verhaltensökonomische Seminar dient als Plattform, um aktuelle Forschungsideen im Bereich der Verhaltens- und Experimentalökonomik sowie verwandter Wissenschaften zu präsentieren und zu diskutieren. Das Seminar ist für alle interessierten ZuhörerInnen öffentlich zugänglich.

Das Verhaltensökonomische Seminar findet in der Regel donnerstags im Paul-Nortz Saal des Instituts für Weltwirtschaft im Haus Weltclub statt.





Vortrag von


9. Juli 2018 (16:15h)

Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Florian Zimmermann (Universität Bonn & briq)

12. Juni 2018 (13:30h) Andrea Klonschinski (CAU, Philosophisches Seminar) What's the point of asking the public? A critical perspective on the empirical elicitation of fairness preferences
4. Juni 2018 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Tibor Neugebauer (University of Luxembourg)
28. Mai 2018 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Eugen Dimant (University of Pennsylvania)
24. Mai 2018 (13:30h) Lidia Vidal Meliá (Universitat Jaume I) An experimental analysis on imperfect compliance using emission taxes
15. Mai 2018 (13:30h) Taisuke Imai (LMU München) Estimating Preferences Using Optimal Adaptive Design: An Application to Elicitation of Time Preferences from Budget Set Choices
12. April 2018 (13:30h)  Susann Adloff (CAU) Social Norms and Intergroup Bias
14. März 2018 (12:30h)

Hamidou Jawara (CAU)





Asadullah Jawid (CAU)

Nutrient income elasticity in OVC households: Evidence from Kenya


Risk Preferences under Climate Change-induced Gains and Losses: Experimental Evidence from Farmers in Afghanistan

20. Februar 2018 (14:00h) Saskia Breuer (Universität Hamburg) The economic costs of gender-based violence
29. Januar 2018 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Pablo Branas Garza (Middlesex University London)
18. Januar 2018 (13:30h) Jana Friedrichsen (HU Berlin & DIW) Fairness in markets and market experiments
11. Januar 2018 (14:00h) Gianluca Grimalda (IfW) Do sanctions improve international cooperation? Results from German and Russian samples
11. Dezember 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Andries Richter (Wageningen University & University of Oslo)
7. Dezember 2017 (14:00h) Carlo Gallier (ZEW & CAU) Ratchet up or down? An experimental investigation in the United Nation Youth Associations Network
27. November 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Tim Krieger (Universität Freiburg)
16. November 2017 (14:00h) Lena Detlefsen & Katharina Lima de Miranda (IfW) Over-confidence in hospitals

10. November 2017 (11:00h)

Common Room

Sanjit Dhami (University of Leicester) Public goods games and psychological utility: Theory and evidence
12. Oktober 2017 (14:00h) Simon Bartke & Felix Gelhaar (IfW & CAU) The Influence of different Workplace Contexts on Work Effort

27. September 2017 (12:30h)

Brown Bag @Universitas

Ulrich Schmidt (IfW & CAU) The Dark Side of Reputation
19. September 2017 (15:00h) John List (University of Chicago) The Science of Using Science: Scaling Field Experiments in Economics
3. August 2017 (14:00h) Jana Freundt (Universität Hamburg) Corrupted Votes and Rule Compliance

13. Juli 2017 (14:00h)

Oliver Himmler (Universität Göttingen) Norm Violations and Spillovers - Evidence from the Lab and Field
29. Juni 2017 (14:00h) Robert Sugden (University of East Anglia) Reciprocity as mutual benefit

20. Juni 2017 (14:00h)

Dienstag, Medienraum

Tim Kaiser (DIW/CAU) Active learning fosters financial knowledge and financial behavior: Experimental evidence from rural Uganda
12. Juni 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Fabian Herweg (Universität Bayreuth)
8. Juni 2017 (14:00h) Sonja Köke (CAU) Measuring ex-post Preferences for Changes in Life using Life Satisfaction Data
1. Juni 2017 (14:00h) Lasse Jessen (CAU) Redistributive Preferences and Fairness Views of the Rich

23. Mai 2017 (14:00h)

Dienstag, Lecture Hall, IfW

John E. Roemer (Yale University) How we cooperate: A Kantian Explanation
22. Mai 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: John E. Roemer (Yale University)
15. Mai 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Peter Martinsson (Universität Göteborg)
4. Mai 2017 (14:00h) Carlo Gallier (ZEW Mannheim) Democracy and compliance in public goods games

20. April 2017 (14:00h)

Isabel Marcin (Universität Heidelberg) Communication is More than Information Sharing: The Role of Knowledge

16. März 2017 (14:00h)

Lajos Kossuth (London School of Economics) Shiny Happy People: A study of the effects income relative to a reference group exerts on life satisfaction
6. Februar 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Matteo Galizzi (London School of Economics)

26. Januar 2017 (14:00h)

Martin Kesternich (ZEW Mannheim) Leveling Up? - An inter-neighborhood experiment on parochialism and the efficiency of multi-level public goods provision
23. Januar 2017 (16:15h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Steffen Altmann (University of Copenhagen)

20. Dezember 2016 (14:00h)

Hande Erkut (Maastricht University) Domain dependency of preferences for generosity

15. Dezember 2016 (14:00h)

Patrick Ring (IfW & CAU) Risk and Time Preferences of Problem Gamblers

8. Dezember 2016 (14:00h)

Leonie Gerhards (Universität Hamburg) I (don't) like you - but who cares? Gender Differences in Likability Effects on Cooperation and Coordination

1. Dezember 2016 (14:00h)

Simone Nuzzo (University of Bari) Centralizing information increases market efficiency more than augmenting information: Results from experimental asset markets

25. November 2016 (14:00h)

Peter Moffatt (University of East Anglia) Strategic Interactions with Sophisticated Agents

17. November 2016 (14:00h)

Ann-Kathrin Kössler (Universität Osnabrück) Commitment to pay taxes: A field experiment on the importance of promises

10. November 2016 (14:00h)

Johannes Müller-Trede (UC San Diego) When Payoffs Look Like Probabilities: Novel Framing Effects in Risky Choice

3. November 2016 (14:00h)

Anna Merkel (Universität Heidelberg) Fast and fair - an experimental comparison of two hypotheses

27. Oktober 2016, (14:00h)

Joshua Teng (National Taipei University) Giving up and Committing Crimes: Reactions to Deprivation of Primary Social Goods and Equality of Opportunity

13. Oktober 2016, (14:00h)

Simon Bartke & Steven Bosworth (IfW) Cross-task spillovers in workplace teams: The role of incentives

29. September 2016, (14:00h)

Friederike Lenel (DIW Berlin) Insurance and Solidarity
1. September 2016 (14:00h) Philippe van Basshuysen (London School of Economics) Is asylum a college admissions problem or a school choice problem?
4. August 2016 (14:00h)

Dragana Nikodinoska (CAU)




Felix Gelhaar (IfW & CAU)

Estimates from an Energy Demand System: Evaluating the Effects of Electricity Price Change on Poverty and CO2 Emissions


Social comparison nudges - Guessing the norm increases charitable giving

7. Juni 2016 (15:00h) Alexander Zimper (University of Pretoria) Explaining savings puzzles through age-dependent biases in survival beliefs

23. Mai 2016 (16:00h)

Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Michael Kosfeld (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

19. Mai 2016 (15:00h)

Christine Merk (IfW) The impact of social information on individuals' climate change mitigation

19. April 2016 (15:00h)

@ Common Room

Hendrik Rommeswinkel (National Taiwan University) Measuring Freedom in Games

12. April 2016 (14:30h)

@ Paul-Nortz-Saal

Joseph Tao-Yi Wang (National Taiwan University) The Informational Theory of Legislative Committees: An Experimental Analysis

12. April 2016 (12:00h)

@ Paul-Nortz-Saal

Josie Chen (National Taipei University) Altruism, Identity and Financial Return: An Experiment on Microfinance Lending
18. Februar 2016 (15:00h) Carola Braun (IfW) Not in my Backyard: CCS Storage Sites and Public Perception of CCS

4. Februar 2016 (15:00h)

Ideas Seminar

@ Paul-Nortz-Saal

Andreas Friedl (IfW)

Gianluca Grimalda (IfW)

Simon Bartke (IfW)

Winning alone and falling united

Preference for redistribution with ethnic heterogeneity

How much do you care? Effects of Hierarchy in a Dictator Game with three Players

1. Februar 2016 (16:00h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Peter Wakker (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
19. November 2015 (15:00h) Andreas Wilke (Clarkson University) Sequential decision making and illusionary pattern detection in habitual gamblers
16. November 2015 (16:00h) Behavioral Economics @Erich-Schneider Seminar: Dorothea Kübler (WZB)
22. Oktober 2015 (15:00h) Sabrina Strang (Universität Lübeck) Generalized Negative Reciprocity - How to Interrupt the Chain of Unfairness
8. Oktober 2015 (15:00h) Michael Siniatchkin (CAU) Neurobiologic mechanisms of cooperative behavior: single and multisubjects studies (EEG, fMRI)

30. Juli 2015 (15:00h)


Eugen Dimant (Universität Paderborn & Harvard University) Deterrence and the Timing of Punishment - An Experimental Assessment

2. Juli 2015 (15:00h)


Alexander Klos (CAU) Does short selling eliminate the price impact of behavioral biases in experimental markets?

11. Juni 2015 (15:00h)


Dietmar Fehr (WZB) Gossip and the efficiency of interactions
28. Mai 2015 (15:00h) Andreas Nicklisch (Universität Hamburg) Winners don't punish, but they reward!
16. April 2015 (15:00h) Fabian Paetzel (Helmut Schmidt Universität) Group Identity and Deservingness Perceptions: An Experimental Study
9. April 2015 (15:00h) Christopher Roth (University of Oxford)

Conspicuous Consumption and Peer Effects: Evidence from a Field Experiment

(Gemeinsam mit dem Development Economics Seminar)

12. März 2015 (15:00h) Gianluca Grimalda (IfW) Social Image Outweighs Costly Punishment as a Factor for Cooperation in a Small Scale Society
26. Februar 2015 (15:00h) Aurelia Figueroa (Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, Bonn)

Show me the money (and the information!): Durability driven CFL uptake in a context of informality

(Gemeinsam mit dem Development Economics Seminar)

19. Februar 2015 (15:00h) Oktay Sürücü (Universität Bielefeld) The impact of time pressure: Insights from a queueing experiment

12. Februar 2015 (15:00h)


Lena Detlefsen & Katharina Lima de Miranda (CAU) Mindfullness, Birth order, Time preferences and Well-Being: An experimental approach
15. Januar 2015 (15:00h) Andreas Friedl (IfW) Freezing the Warm Glow of Giving
11. Dezember 2014 (16:00h) Jan Schmitz (Université de Lausanne) Social Norms and Strategic Default
27. November 2014 (15:00h) Matthias Wibral (Universität Bonn) How Malleable Are Choice Brackets? The Case of Myopic Loss Aversion
13. November 2014 (15:00h) Marina Schröder (Universität Köln) Creation and Destruction of Heterogeneous Public Goods
6. November 2014 (15:00h) Steven Bosworth & Simon Bartke (IfW) Framing in Public Goods Experiments: Can context affect preferences?
30. Oktober 2014 (15:00h) Orsola Garofalo (Copenhagen Business School) Spokesperson - To be or Not to be?
23. Oktober 2014 (15:00h) Christine Merk & Gert Pönitzsch (IfW) Does climate engineering reduce efforts to mitigate climate change?

16. Oktober 2014 (15:00h)


Steven Bosworth (IfW)

Modeling the winner's curse in the lab

7. August 2014 (14:00h) Malte Dold (Universität Freiburg) Jumping the Queue: An Experiment on Procedural Justice

7. August 2014 (11:30h)

Levent Neyse & Patrick Ring (IfW) The Role of Somatic Markers in Norm-breaking and Norm-compliance Behavior
24. Juli 2014 (14:00h) Roel van Veldhuizen (WZB) Bribing the Self

17. Juni 2014 (14:00h)

Irina Dolgopolova (IAMO Halle)

Reference dependent approach to analyzing consumers’ willingness-to-pay for novel foods with health benefits
12. Juni 2014 (14:00h) Gianluca Grimalda and Andreas Friedl (IfW)

“Gift Exchange” in a Natural Work Environment

5. Juni 2014  (17:00h)

Khadjavi (CAU, IfW)
Indirect Reciprocity and Charitable Giving – Evidence from a Field Experiment


20. März 2014

Christian Seidl (CAU Kiel)
Reconsidering the common ratio effect: The roles of compound
independence, reduction, and coalescing.

30. Januar 2014

Gert Poenitzsch (IfW)
3 Essays on Collective Action

7. November 2013

Steven Bosworth (IfW) The importance of higher-order beliefs to successful coordination

20. June 2013

Christine Bertram (IfW)
Urban ecosystem services and human well-being: The role of urban green space

24. Mai 2013


Gianluca Grimalda (University of Castellon) Inequality against Risk Vs. Inequality against Outcomes: An Experimental study
15. Januar 2013 Jan Schmitz (Universität Hamburg) Inter-Charity competition for Individuals' Contributions-Experimental testing of Substitution-, Complementary-, and Crowding Out Effects
18. Dezember 2012 Andreas Friedl (IfW) Conditional Cooperation in a "Public Risk Game" setup.
04. Dezember 2012 Tobias Stöhr (IfW) Migration and Families' Care Arrangements
13. November 2012 Tom Neugebauer (CAU Kiel) The Endowment Effect: Loss Aversion or Object Attachment - An Empirical Study
09. Oktober 2012 Philipp Wichardt (Universität Rostock)

Judgement and Behaviour in the Prisoner's Dilemma: The Impact of Moral and Strategic Considerations

(ACHTUNG: Der Vortrag findet in Raum Universitas am Haus Weltclub statt!)

Herbst 2012 Christine Bertram (IfW) The role of urban biodiversity and cultural ecosystem services for life-satisfaction
26. Juni 2012 Gert Pönitzsch (IfW) Bundling Public with Private Goods
12. Juni 2012 Gianluca Grimalada (University of Castellon) A Cross-country Experimental Comparison of Preferences for Redistribution
22. Mai 2012 Christine Merk (IfW) The acceptance of new climate change mitigation options in Germany
08. Mai 2012 Ulrich Schmidt (CAU, IfW) Insurance Demand and Prospect Theory




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Paul Nortz Saal, HWC



Ulrich Schmidt

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