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Staff Seminars 2016

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  • Wed 10th 2.00 p.m.-3.00 p.m., Lecture Hall
    Vasyl Golosnoy (Ruhr University Bochum)
    Revealing Fed's Principles: Empirical Similarity for Interest Rate Adjustments 
  • Tue 2nd 2.00 p.m.- 3.00 p.m., Lecture Hall
    Holger Görg (Kiel Institute, RA "The Global Division of Labour")
    Introducing a New Survey of Management Practices in Germany 
  • Tue 2nd 11.30 a.m.-12.15 p.m., Common Room
    Mattia Di Ubaldo (University of Sussex)
    Product Cost-Share: A Catalyst of the Trade Collapse 
  • Tue 2nd 10.00 a.m.-10.45 a.m., Common Room
    Elena Grinza (University of Turin)
    Replacing Workers: Is It a Boon or a Bane for Firm Productivity? 


  • Thu 28th 1.30 p.m.-2.15 p.m., Common Room
    Julian Hinz (University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne)
    The View from Space: Theory-based Time-varying Distances in the Gravity Model 
  • Thu 28th 10.00 a.m.-10.45 a.m., Media Room
    Cecilia Hornok (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    Markup and Productivity of Exporters and Importers 
  • Wed 27th 1.30 p.m.-2.15 p.m., Common Room
    Léa Marchal (University of Lille)
    How Immigrant Workers Foster French Exports 
  • Wed 13th 4.00 p.m.-5.00 p.m., Lecture Hall
    Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics)
    Using Minimum Wages to Identify the Labor Market Effects of Immigration