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96. Kieler Konjunkturgespräche

Free Trade under Pressure:
Perspectives for Globalization and Growth

9/10 October 2017
Italian Embassy, Berlin

Program (pdf) | Presentations (Participants only)


Monday, October 9

14:00 to 14:30    Welcoming addresses and introduction
Pietro Benassi, Italian Ambassador to Germany
Stefan Kooths, Head of Forecasting Center, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
14:30 to 15:15 Keynote 1: Challenges for globalization and free trade
Roberta Piermartini, Senior Economist, World Trade Organization, Geneva
15:15 to 16:00 Keynote 2: The role of open markets for Italian industry as a Global Player
Luca Paolazzi, Chief Economist, Confindustria
  Coffee break
16:30 to 17:15 China‘s role in the global marketplace
Björn Conrad, Vice President Research, Mercator Institute for China Studies, Berlin
17:15 to 18:00 US: Economic outlook under new trade and industrial policies
Adolfo Laurenti, Global Economic Strategist, J. Safra Sarasin, Zurich
18:00 to 18:45 Panel discussion
Paola Subacchi, Senior Research Fellow for Global Economy and Finance at Chatham House, London
Andrea Goldstein, Chief Economist of Nomisma, Bologna

Moderated by Henrik Müller, Institut für Journalistik, University of Dortmund
18:45 to 20:45 Dinner buffet

Tuesday, October 10

09:00 to 09:30 Global economic outlook
Klaus-Jürgen Gern, Forecasting Center, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
09:30 to 10:15 The short-term and long-run impact of Brexit on the UK economy
Jagjit S. Chadha, Director, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London
10:15 to 11:00 Italy: Recent economic developments and outlook
Stefano Siviero, Head of the Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy Directorate, Banca d’Italia
  Coffee break
11:15 to 12:00 France: New president, new policies, new performance?
Charles-Henri Colombier, Director of Macroeconomic Analysis, Coe-Rexecode, Paris
12:00 to 12:45 Economic outlook for Germany
Nils Jannsen, Forecasting Center, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
12:45 to 13:15 Keynote: Conclusions: Italy is turning around
Yoram Gutgeld, Government Spending Review Commissioner and Principal Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office
13:15 to 14:00 Lunch buffet

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