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Improve efficiency and stability of the European economy

Finanzplatz Frankfurt_2© European Union 2012 EP.jpgBreaking the bank-sovereign nexus is central in order to eliminate financial fragmentation in Europe and would improve stability and efficiency of the European economy. This finding was given to the European Parliament in an advisory mandate from the Kiel Institute. Further initiatives to weaken this link could include exposure limits for government bonds, a carefully designed joint deposit insurance scheme and implementing the envisaged Capital Market Union. Read the full analysis (external website)...


Bridging the Brexit

Brexit 8 © EU.jpgFollowing the Brexit vote and a tough-talking Theresa May at the Tory Conference, some in Brussels seem inclined to set an exemplary warning. That would be the worst possible response. What we need is a spirit of maximum cooperation that builds bridges for the UK, writes Stefan Kooths, Head of the Kiel Institute Forecasting Center, in a Kiel Institute Focus.
Read Kiel Institute Focus...


Second TV Debate: “Trump is winning these Debates”

Trump announces security policy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania © Bastiaan Slabbers – iStockphotoThe American Presidential Debate has sunk to the level of a reality TV show. It is no longer concerned with serious matters of foreign policy, social security, education policy, and so on. Instead, it is about primitive emotional triggers. This puts our global economic affairs in deep peril, comments Dennis Snower, President of the Kiel Institute, on the second TV debate of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Read more...


Empirical study: Globalization strengthens Right Parties

fokus193_gold_robert.jpgGlobalization has a significant impact on the performance of right-wing parties at elections. Regions most threatened by exposure to imports saw increases in support for far-right parties, while regions that benefited from export opportunities saw decreases. This is shown by researchers from the Kiel Institute in a recent study.
Watch Video / VoxEU-Column / Original Study


Africa needs increased Integration

pegnet_2016.jpgExperts from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy have called for more integration on the African continent. They met on the 11th PEGNet conference in Rwanda with researchers, experts and policy makers from all over the world met to discuss ways to bring more prosperity to the African continent. Read more...


The Kiel Institute mourns for Prof. Dr. Klaus-Werner Schatz

Klaus-Werner Schatz © christina kloodt fotografieThe Kiel Institute for the World Economy mourns for Prof. Dr. Klaus-Werner Schatz. For many long years, he headed the Institute's Research in Business Cycles; he served as the President’s deputy and was, both nationally and internationally, a highly regarded and sought-after expert. 


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